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Quinta das Maravilhas (Blijkon Lda) - House rules and General Conditions 

Please note: the house rules described in this document are mandatory conduct guidelines for all guests of Quinta das Maravilhas (Blijkon Lda) and must be observed. If, for whatever reason, guests fail to comply with these guidelines, Quinta das Maravilhas team may at all times point out the general terms and conditions that are also described in this document. Non-compliance with the house rules and general terms and conditions may entail among other things, financial consequences. 

Hereafter when Quinta das Maravilhas is mentioned, BLIJKON LDA is the registered company behind it and therefore the legal entity which we refer to. 

Article 1 | Bookings and Cancellations  

• "First Come, First Served" Policy  

It is important for all guests to know that Quinta das Maravilhas works with a “first come, first served” policy. Therefore a reservation is only accepted once full payment has been received. The current quote is based on the date and number of nights, which means that the price can vary when changes are requested. 

• Payments and Reservations  

Unless special policies for booking apply (derived from the usage of a voucher, promotional code or direct discount) the payment of 50% of the total room amount is due at time of reservation. Once the reservation is confirmed by e-mail, our cancellation conditions apply. The cancellation conditions of Quinta das Maravilhas apply at all times. Payments for reservations must have reached the bank account of Quinta das Maravilhas within 5 working days.  Only after receiving payment the booking is definite.

The remaining 50% of the room stay amount, plus cleaning fee and any other extras that might have been required and incurred by the guest or in his name will be charged automatically 8 weeks before the arrival date.  

• Booking Changes  

The date of a confirmed booking can be changed only after contacting Quinta das Maravilhas and approval by email of the Management. Refunds are no longer possible after changes. For accepted changes to the booking Quinta das Maravilhas will charge €250 administration costs plus eventual extra costs due to possible price changes of the villa rental. These costs need to be paid within 5 working days in order to confirm the change. 

Cancellation Policy |

It is possible to cancel a reservation at Quinta das Maravilhas, but costs might be involved. Cancellations can only be made by emailing info@quintadasmaravilhas.pt or in case the booking has been made through an agent (eg Booking.com) through the respective channel the booking has been made. Please always include your booking reference in the email. 

Non-Refundable Bookings  

Non-refundable bookings are neither refundable nor transferable. 

Cancellation policy for all other bookings | 

Cancellation policy for all other bookings will apply according to the following terms: 

  • Cancellation of reservation made up to 16 weeks before arrival - 5% 

If guests wish to cancel the reservation up to 16 weeks before arrival, 5% percent of the total booking amount will be charged. This only applies to the costs for the accommodation, other components such as cleanin fee, tourist tax and food & beverage are excluded. 

• Cancellation of reservation made up to 8 weeks before arrival - 50% 

If guests wish to cancel the reservation after 16 weeks and up to 8 weeks before arrival, 50% percent of the total amount will be charged. This applies to the costs for the accommodation plus cleaning fee, other components such as tourist tax and food & beverage are excluded. 

• Cancellation of reservation less than 8 weeks before arrival - 100%  

If guests wish to cancel the reservation less than 8 weeks before arrival, 100 percent of the total amount will be charged. This only applies to the costs for the accommodation and cleaning fee, other components such as tourist tax and food & beverage are excluded. 

Force Majeure | 

Circumstances that cannot be attributed to Quinta das Maravilhas, which are of such a nature that compliance with the agreement can no longer reasonably be demanded or can no longer be demanded in full (such as but not limited to (i) extreme weather, (ii) withdrawal of one or more multiple permits, (iii) epidemics and pandemics and thereby announced measures from the government and (iv) national mourning) gives it the right to dissolve the order in whole or in part and/or to suspend the execution thereof without any obligation to pay compensation. 

In that case Quinta das Maravilhas retains its right to compensation (including but not limited to the amount of the reservation value, to be increased by the costs for third parties engaged by it. Quinta das Maravilhas advises the client and hotel guests to insure themselves against these risks. An appeal to dissolution on the part of the guests due to force majeure is excluded. The above does not affect the applicable cancellation conditions. 

Other extra items such tourist tax are fully refundable for any cancellation at least 14 days prior to arrival. 

Article 2 | Check in and out  

Check in time: 16:00 - 20:00 hrs  

Check-out time: 08.00 - 10.00 hrs 

• Check-in  

In case you will arrive early storage of your luggage can be arranged upon request and subject to availability until the villa is ready for check in. Once you have checked in, there is no refund under any circumstances. 

• Check out  

In case you have a late flight, storage of your luggage can be arranged upon request and subject to availability.  

Article 3 | Deposit  

7 days prior to arrival, Quinta das Maravilhas asks all its guests to secure a deposit. The deposit serves to protect Quinta das Maravilhas financially against possible and unforeseen accidents, damage and lost items during the stay of a guest.   

• Security deposit  

A deposit of a minimum of €1500 (depending of type of group) will be required 7 days before arrival. This deposit is secured in the form of a reservation on the credit card that is linked to the main booker and from which the amount can be debited afterwards, or in cash. Quinta das Maravilhas (Blijkon Lda) beholds the right to invoice any exceeding amount in case the costs of fine, replacement or repair of damage caused by her guests exceed the set amount for the deposit. 

• What do I pay the deposit for?  

The deposit protects Quinta das Maravilhas financially against possible and unforeseen accidents, damage and lost of Quinta das Maravilhas items during a guest's stay or requirement of deep cleaning different from the standard cleaning between checkouts and checkins.  

Please note: the use of your own pillows, blankets and other items is not  

allowed. Reason being that Quinta das Maravilhas cannot guarantee or establish the hygiene of these items and strives to protect other guests and itself as well as possible. 

Please note: Any form of damage to or abuse of Quinta das Maravilhas property, other guests or the employees during their stay at Quinta das Maravilhas, will lead to an immediate departure and a fine equal to the damage or replacement value. 

In which situations can Quinta das Maravilhas withhold the deposit?  

Quinta das Maravilhas has the experience that with groups stay some situations can escalate. This causes unwanted agitation and sometimes even damage in and to the 

Villa. In these situations, Quinta das Maravilhas is forced to withhold (all or part of) the deposit to compensate for the damages. 

It is prohibited to smoke in the rooms and inside the Villa. On the premises smoking is only allowed outdoors at designated areas. Smoking within the Villa or at non designated areas results in a minimum fine of € 300. 

• Soiling  

Contamination by, for example, vomiting, urinating, bleeding (etc.) in rooms, corridors and other areas of Quinta das Maravilhas results in a minimum fine of € 300. 

• Forbidden substances  

Possession or use of (soft or hard) drugs and/or weapons results in a minimum fine of € 500 and immediate removal of guests from the Villa. 

• Harassment  

Intimidating, disturbing or harassing other guests, team or pets results in a minimum fine of € 500 and immediate expulsion from Quinta das Maravilhas. 

The security deposit will be returned entirely to the client on the next 7 days after departure, provided there are no damages, missing items, additional requirements for deep cleaning due to the villa being left in unusual condition, fines, etc. 


Article 4 | Behaviour  

• Food and drinks  

Guests are free to use the common lounge, sundecks and gardens of Quinta das Maravilhas. A small fridge and coffee maker is available in every room. Guests are responsible not to leave any food exposed and to make sure the room is kept tidy and clean. At the end of the stay the fridge must be left empty. Guests must take care of keeping the rooms clean and remove any garbage from the room on a daily base in order to maintain a hygienic environment. 

  • Alcohol  

It is allowed to bring and consume your own alcohol to Quinta das Maravilhas, however this may not lead to any excessive or disruptional behaviour. In the case of disruptive behaviour the guests will be removed from the premises and a fine will be applied. Fine € 300. 

• Silence  

Quinta das Maravilhas is located in a quiet but still habited area. We need to be considerate of the neighbours, therefore we expect guests to keep it quiet after 11 pm. 

• Smoking, drugs and weapons  

At Quinta das Maravilhas, the possession, use, trade, sale, transport, manufacture, etc. of narcotics, stimulants, intoxicants, mind-altering drugs, prohibited substances, dope and weapons are not tolerated. The possession or use of (soft or hard) drugs or weapons at Quinta das Maravilhas leads to immediate and permanent removal from the guesthouse.  

• Own responsibility  

Quinta das Maravilhas does everything it can to keep the Quinta as safe as possible however, Quinta das Maravilhas wants to emphasise that Quinta das Maravilhas is not responsible for the belongings of the guests. Parents are responsible for their own children. 

Article 5 | Emergencies  

Quinta das Maravilhas staff is trained in dealing with emergency situations. In the event of an emergency, call upon the staff and/or follow the instructions which are displayed in the individual rooms. 

It is the guest’s own responsibility to make himself aware of all escape route. 

• Fire  

In the event of a fire, the assembly point is in front of the Quinta at the main gate.  

Article 6 | Additional  

• Go green: consumption  

Quinta das Maravilhas is doing its best to contribute to a green future and therefore asks guests to save water and electricity when possible. 

  • Dispose toilet paper  

Guest are asked to refrain from disposing of toilet paper in the toilets. Our septic tank system, or fosa, operates efficiently when only waste and minimal toilet paper are flushed. Excessive paper can cause blockages and system malfunctions, impacting the comfort of all guests. Disposing of excessive toilet paper, sanitary towels, or tampons in the toilet may necessitate cleaning the fosa filter, resulting in an additional charge. This fee will be deducted from the security deposit or applied as an extra charge in the following days after checkout. 

• Go green: recycle  

Quinta das Maravilhas loves to recycle! Separate glass, paper, plastic and other waste. Special, separate bins can be found leaving Quinta das Maravilhas, 25 meters on the righthand side after turning right at Restaurante Rainha. 

• Hygiene  

Quinta das Maravilhas takes all possible measures to keep the Quinta as clean as possible and regularly steams the beds, rooms and common areas to combat and immediately eradicate unwanted impurities. Unfortunately, Quinta das Maravilhas cannot always remedy all impurities in time. Quinta das Maravilhas underlines the fact that they are not responsible for any problems caused by the presence of impurities caused by the coming and going of guests. Quinta das Maravilhas is also not obliged to offer financial compensation for any costs (such as replacement hotel, medical costs or replacement of personal belongings, etc.) that arise from this. 

Article 7 | Rights Quinta das Maravilhas  

Quinta das Maravilhas reserves the right to unilaterally change these house rules and general terms and conditions at any time.  

Quinta das Maravilhas reserves the right to check at all times whether the house rules are correctly observed by the guests. This may mean that guests are addressed or that the staff of Quinta das Maravilhas performs a room check from time to time if necessary. 

Quinta das Maravilhas reserves the right to remove guests who do not comply with the house rules at all times and to withhold the deposit.  

Quinta das Maravilhas reserves the right at all times to immediately and permanently remove guests from the Quinta if they deem it necessary.  

If the actual damage is higher than the total authorised amount, Quinta das Maravilhas reserves the right at all times to adjust the amount of the fine or invoice. 

Article 8 | General terms and conditions Quinta das Maravilhas  

• Scope of the general Terms and Conditions 

The general terms and conditions of Quinta das Maravilhas apply to the creation and content of all agreements between Quinta das Maravilhas and its guests, as well as all offers related to the creation of such agreements, to the exclusion of all other general terms and conditions. If other general terms and conditions are actually in force in addition to these, the general terms and conditions of Quinta das Maravilhas will prevail in the event of a conflict.  

Deviation from the general terms and conditions of Quinta das Maravilhas is only possible if this is recorded in writing and on a case-by-case basis. The general terms and conditions of Quinta das Maravilhas relate to all natural persons and legal entities that Quinta das Maravilhas uses or has used in concluding and/or executing an agreement or in running Quinta das Maravilhas.  

The general terms and conditions of Quinta das Maravilhas apply to all agreements, the latest valid version of the general terms and conditions of Quinta das Maravilhas is deemed to apply to all subsequent agreements between the same parties, unless otherwise agreed in writing.  

Quinta das Maravilhas is never obliged to accept checks, credit cards, debit cards and other such payment instruments and can attach conditions to the acceptance of such payment instruments. The same applies to other payment instruments not mentioned here 

• Exclusion of Liability  

All information on this website is intended for personal use. No rights can be derived from the advertisements, photos, information and texts on this website. Subject to changes and typing errors. Despite the fact that Quinta das Maravilhas (Blijkon Lda) takes due care when compiling and maintaining this website, Quinta das Maravilhas cannot guarantee the correctness, completeness and topicality of the information on this website. Quinta das Maravilhas does not accept any liability for damage resulting from inaccuracy or incompleteness of the information on this website.  

In particular, the prices and rates stated on the website are subject to typing errors. No liability is accepted for such errors. 

• Royalty  

Quinta das Maravilhas (Blijkon Lda) reserves the rights and powers that accrue to  Blijkon lda under the Copyright Act and other intellectual laws and regulations. 

Article 9 | Assistance of the Quinta das Maravilhas team  

Do you need help or is there a problem? The Quinta das Maravilhas Team is always ready to help. We will appreciate it if you immediately notify us when a problem arises so we can fix it right away. The team does its best to ensure that everyone has a pleasant stay. 

Article 10 | Illegitimate Reviews  

• Unlawful reviews  

Users of Quinta das Maravilhas can give reviews under certain conditions. The User is fully responsible for the content of a given review and can be held liable if the content of a review is found to be unlawful. 

A User may only post a review if he is or has been a guest or customer at Quinta das Maravilhas. 

The User guarantees that the information that he publishes on the Website in the context of a review is in good faith and truthful and indemnifies Quinta das Maravilhas against any claim from a third party with regard to this review. 

Quinta das Maravilhas is at all times entitled to refuse, remove or shorten a review without stating reasons. This may be the case, for example, if Quinta das Maravilhas has been informed, whether or not via third parties, that the review is factually incorrect, unreliable or unlawful. 

A review may in any case not contain: defamatory, vulgar, obscene or racist language, personal and/or private information about Quinta das Maravilhas or its employees.  

The use of (personal) data that the User has through the Website or has obtained online is only permitted for the purpose for which these data were provided or displayed. It is expressly not permitted to process and/or use this data for any other (commercial) purpose on pain of an immediately payable and without further notice of default owed a fine of at least € 1000 euros (thousand euros) per violation. 

Quinta das Maravilhas accepts that Users consisting of (former) guests of Quinta das Maravilhas about the location in question can publish a review expressing the subjective opinion of the person concerned. A review can consist of a description in combination with a rating expressed in a number of stars. 

Article 11 | Complaints and liability  

Complaints about the Service can be submitted only by the lead person of the booking to the management of Quinta das Maravilhas in writing or by email (info@quintadasmaravilhas.pt) with reference of the booking number and as much as possible with reasons. If the complaint relates to an account, this complaint must be submitted to the management of Quinta das Maravilhas within 15 days. A complaint does not suspend the payment obligation. 

The management of Quinta das Maravilhas will handle the complaint and reply to the complaining party no later than 15 days 

Quinta das Maravilhas is only liable for direct damage resulting from intent or deliberate recklessness on the part of Quinta das Maravilhas. Direct damage is exclusively understood to mean the costs that the User reasonably had to incur to repair or rectify the shortcomings of Quinta das Maravilhas. 

The liability of Quinta das Maravilhas can never exceed the size of the most recent account of the User with a maximum of 100 euros. 

Quinta das Maravilhas' liability for damage resulting from or in connection with (i) errors, incompleteness and/or irregularities in the (functionalities) of the Website, (ii) the Website being inaccessible for a certain period of time or (iii) no longer allowing Quinta das Maravilhas to use the Service due to the User's failure to comply with financial obligations or (otherwise) acting in violation of the General Terms and Conditions is excluded. 

Quinta das Maravilhas is not liable for damage resulting from information published by the User or a third party on the Website, even if this information is incorrect or unlawful. 

Quinta das Maravilhas is also not liable for damage that is or may be the result of any act or omission as a result of the (legal) information displayed on the Website. This information is not intended as legal advice in any specific case. 

The Website contains hyperlinks, banners and/or buttons that refer to other websites. Quinta das Maravilhas is neither responsible nor liable for the information on and the use of those websites. 

We are looking forward to welcoming you. 

The Quinta das Maravilhas team. 


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